Character Creation


For my one shot, the rules and character creation are all 5e, including magic rules, but I've modified a few things or created custom content, such as a few Backgrounds and custom weapons, to make this a sci-fi adventure. Please read through the below and reach out to me if there are any questions! 

Campaign Specific Character Creation Notes

1. ) Begin by creating a Level 5 Character just as you would for any Fantasy genre D&D game. Race, HP, class features, subclasses, Schools of Magic, etc. The physical appearance of magic is the same as always, sometimes with a more sci fi bent. For AC and starting weapons, though, please continue reading!

Note: You may create any D&D player race as put forth by the PHB and official WotC add-on material, or you may create an alien from your fave sci-fi show. Your Fandom alien race must be Small or Medium in size, speak a language other PCs can understand, have a culture that you can draw a background from, and they must NOT have crazy powers or highly unusual weird stuff. The feel we are going for is Mass Effect/Star Trek/Star Wars/Cowboy Bebop in terms of setting. Your alien race can be no more ability-heavy than any other D&D race. Turians, krogan, vulcan, klingon, blue alien women from Star Wars, a human-sized Transformer, a plant person, a talking raccoon? Fine. Xenomorphs, Mass Effect Leviathans, the Borg? No.

2. ) When you load up your character sheet with "Explorer's Pack" vs. "Dungeoneering," don't get too hung up on the details. I am not worried about tracking pack materials in this one shot. If there's something interesting in a one of these starting packs that you do want on your person, then write down the sci fi version of it.  

3. ) All PCs possess something called an Omnitool and have an Implant in the skull that reads brainwaves. The implant allows you to activate certain armor features, such as hover jets, and other personal tech with a thought, and also interacts with your Omnitool. The Omnitool is also an implant in your arm and, on command, projects a hologram of a computer interface over the arm. Through this interface, you can type messages, hack into computers, video chat with friends, send emails, open audio files, play music, scan blood samples for DNA readings, and more. It is like a laptop installed in your arm. Without an internet/extranet (space internet) connection, you are limited to sending files locally to omnitools in the area or sending/receiving files to the Axalon. Depending on your background, your Omnitool may be 'specialized' for certain applications. A security officer probably does not have their omnitool configured for doing medical scans, for example. 

4. ) Please choose a background from the[[Custom Sci-Fi Backgrounds]]page, or use a background from the PHB altered in some way to apply to space. 

4. ) All PCs will begin with 1 Simple Melee Weapon of your choice. Use the Player's Handbook to pick. Remember this Melee weapon can LOOK however you want. Want a lightsaber dagger? That's fine. But it will still only roll 1d4 for damage unless you find a better dagger in-game.

5. ) Combat in this one shot will be Range-base because we go pew pew in the future! All PCs can be proficient in at least one type of Ranged weapon. You can carry up to 3 weapons total on your person. See the below chart for your Proficiency options, as broken down by class. Feel free to alter your starting equipment if the way you build your PC would be better compatible with a different loadout. Casters tend to travel light because there is significantly smaller need for physical weapons when one has magic, and with the study needed to harness magic, you're probably not the most physical in combat or experienced in weaponry. Note: Starting weapons cannot fold into your armor. They are stored on your back, hip, or elsewhere.

Class Proficiency Starting Equip 
Paladin, Fighter, Barbarian Pick two types to be proficient in: Pistols, Shotguns, Assault Rifles, or Sniper Rifles. 1  Melee, and Any 2 Ranged 
Ranger, Rogue, Cleric Pick one type to be Proficient in: Pistol or Sniper Rifles. 1 Melee, 1 Pistol, and 1 Other Ranged
Druid, Monk, Warlock Pick one type to be Proficient in: Pistols or Shotgun Up to 2 Melee, 1 Pistol if you want one.
Wizard, Sorceror You are only Proficient in Pistols, if you want to be. 1 Melee, 1 Pistol if you want one. Your loadout is limited to a 2 weapon maximum. 

6. ) Visit the [[Axalon Armory]] page to pick the starting ranged weapons, armor, special equipment that I've come up with for this one-shot, and read about what being Proficient in a particular type of ranged weapon means.

7. ) If you choose a Cleric, Warlock, Paladin, or a Subclass of some kind that involves Gods or other supernatural beings, please see the Class Changes page for some plot-relevant custom content for this one-shot.

About Weapons

In this campaign, for the sake of simplicity, all guns the Player Characters will start with have energy based Ammo as a blend between science and magic, so there's no need to track Ammo usage. Rather, rolling a Natural 1 might have the in-game consequence of your weapon overheating, which will take 1 Turn to cool. 

Character Creation

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